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Never shopped at Amazon before? You’re missing out on tons of great deals on electronics, computer, audio and even fashion apparel. Also, doesn’t hurt when Amazon ships free to Singapore when you spend above a certain amounte. Continue reading for a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on shopping at from Singapore.

How do I get free shipping?

First off, to get free shipping to Singapore, you need to make sure the items you are adding is eligible for 1) Ships to Singapore and 2) Free international shipping. Both these options can be found on the left bar under “Refine by” tab.


Now that you’ve refined by these two options, the remaining items shown on screen are eligible to be shipped free to Singapore when you order crosses over 3) US$125.

Once you’ve got the 3 criteria covered, you can start your checkout. At the “Shipping & Payment” section, select “FREE AmazonGlobal Saver¬†(averages 9-14 business days) as your shipping method.


If you don’t see this method, you’ve got something in cart that does not meet the requirements of the 3 criteria above or… continue reading.

Criteria recap:
1) Item is eligible to ship to Singapore
2) Item is eligible for free international shipping
3) Order total above USD$125

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What else do I need to know?

Beyond the 3 Criteria listed above, items in your cart must not be bulky. Bulky items will not qualify for Free shipping to singapore. Although, you won’t really have to take note of this if you refined your search by 1) Ships to Singapore and 2) Free international shipping. The bulky stuff will automatically be filtered off.

Check out with USD or SGD??

Check out with USD. Your bank’s conversion rate is usually better than Amazon’s. At the time of this writing, Amazon’s conversion rate is 1.50 USD to SGD, whereas Google is telling me 1.41. Your bank’s rate should fall somewhere inbetween.

What is import fees deposit?

Import fees deposit is the amount of money Amazon pays to carriers like UPS or DHL that inturn pays the customs office in Singapore. Singapore taxes all consumer imports above SGD$400, including orders, so once your order crosses above SGD$400, Amazon will add this tax on top of it.

My order is taking forever!?

Free AmazonGlobal saver states 10-14 days clearly. Add 2-3 business days for order processing and the number grows to 13-17 working days. Take heart though, you will usually get your Amazon order around the 14 day (2 week) mark.

Other shipping options are available so if you need the stuff fast, opt for an expedited option.

I got damaged stuff?

Chat with the Amazon service rep, they are exceptionally service oriented and would usually give you a refund, partial refund or ask you to ship back to Amazon, fully paid for of course. My advice is to never treat the service reps like dogs, treat them as how you would be like to be treated. It goes along way.

Did not arrive?

As above. Start chatting.

Anything else?

Gift cards. Amazon occasionally offers a $10 rebate whenever you buy a $50 gift card. This is a cool additional 20% discount you can take advantage of so time your purchases ahead. See Gift card promos (if any)

Clip Coupons. Amazon has an internal coupon clipping function where you go to their coupon section, clip a coupon, add the related product to cart and the coupon discount will be instantly applied. Amazon instore Coupons can be found under today’s deals tab or click here to see current coupons available.

Thats about it. Start shopping at Amazon.

I hope this post was information, if you have other questions on shopping at Amazon from Singapore, feel free to drop a comment below.

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